Crazy or Controlled?

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So many things to talk about…where shall we begin? Well, we began with a quote that has been attributed to Franklin Graham. However, because I was unable to locate any proof that he said it, I ventured to Pat Robertson. This so-called preacher is known for being homophobic and self-righteous. Oh, he also thinks he can control the weather!

We then traversed to Ye land. This is where the normal is not so normal. In fact, it teeters on crazy. Mental health is a touchy subject. But it needs to be brought out of the closet. What the whole world saw, was an embarrassment to those of us who he says he cares about. Being honest, there would have been good points if he had been lucid.

There is much more in the discussion but you have to listen to find out what it is.

Question: Do you think Ye is crazy or is he being controlled? Are we all in the same boat?

Until next time…Peace and Blessings. SS & M.T.

P.S. I promised a link to Bart Ehrman’s information, so here it is.


Time to Put the Gloves On

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So good to be back! This show is absolutely about power. We have some very important elections coming up. There are people running for office in our states and both of them are red. We have to do the homework people. There is nothing good about some of these candidates. Rights for LGBTQ folks are on the line. If they can’t take them away, they surely will not give any new ones.

I have a few new heroes. Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Dan Reynolds. The first two are my heroes because they gave Brett Kavanaugh all he could handle. He did/would not answer any questions regarding his thoughts on LGBTQ rights, race and Native rights.

With 45 f-ing things up, we have to come through as the champions we are.

As always,

Love & Light…SS & M.T.

This is America

Today’s America looks very different from two years ago. Speaking on behalf of the LGBTQ community alone, the difference is staggering and bordering on being dangerous in way to many cases. This America has a leader that has embarrassed her citizens before the world. This person has kissed a foreign enemy’s a** and called our intelligence agencies liars.

Because we are entering voting season, M.T. wanted to discuss what would be her policy issues were she to run for political office. They are:

  1. Native Americans would be invited to the political table. No one deserves to be there more. Inviting them to be a part of a council that would look after the earth is a no-brainer. Despite all that they have endured, their love and respect for Mother Earth is undeniable.
  2. A new way of training for police officers. A-T-M: Ask-Tell-Make is how police are trained to approach situations. This does not work in many circumstances. The better option would be to Ask-De-Escalate-De-Escalate. Police need to be able to better communicate with those they serve. Training + Accountability = Big Changes
  3. Hate groups are coming out of the woodwork. There is no more shame in being racist. How could there be when the leader of the country is comfortable showing his racist behavior? Hatred must be called out and squashed. Hatred breeds hatred and if it continues the way it is, the citizens of this country may find it very difficult to get along with each other.

Spiritual Studd offered insights on these three points.

  1. Native Americans may seem to have been forced into a space of almost non-existence. Those who go to casinos may think that the casinos are all Natives are known for. However, many Natives came to out to fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline. It is evident that they do still have the heart for this land. They deserve respect and a place in government. With social media, their feelings and thoughts are being made known more and more.
  2. Police do need different training. However, videos of white officers in conflict with white people show that they are very capable of de-escalation. The problem in working in areas where people of different backgrounds, nationalities, and races live is that the police are often afraid. To be honest, those considered as minorities have been portrayed in the media as something less than human and many people who have never been around them believe it. It is important that training be developed in which the fear can be discovered and if it cannot be conquered, then that officer does not need to police that area.
  3. The biggest complaint heard after 45’s election was that some people felt that they were not being heard. Now, all many of us hear is the hatred. It’s unfortunate, because many evangelicals are part of the noise. The hypocrisy is so loud. They may destroy the very thing that they think they are working for. All I can say is, for me, I don’t see the Christ of the bible anywhere in this.

“I think that everybody wants to be heard, and the easiest way to be the loudest is to be the hater.” – Tavi Gevinson

The Cult of 45

M.T. and I have been watching a series on A&E called Cults and Extreme Beliefs. If you have not watched it, let’s get you up to speed. It’s an investigative series hosted by Elizabeth Vargas that focuses on why and how people get involved in cults. It also covers some that may not be cults but hold extreme beliefs bordering on cults.

Webster’s definition of a cult is great devotion to a person, an idea or a movement. Another definition is a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing. M.T. noticed that there seems to be a mindset among 45’s followers that are like those in a cult. A cult does not have to be a religion. One thing that has been shocking about those who follow him is that most- if not all – claim to be Christians. However, the very things that Christ stood for, compassion, caring for the poor, empathy for immigrants, basically love, is missing. Also, he has been able to do whatever he wants and they turn a blind eye. They make excuses for him. Why? Because they are getting what they want. They are looking forward to the end of the world. I guess the end justifies the means in their eyes.

The problem with that is while people are looking up, the world around them continues to crumble. You know the old saying, “They are so heavenly bound that they are no earthly good.” Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have reached that point.

As for those within the LGBTQ community who voted for him and still support him, I would like to point you to an article that reveals the truth. Please take time to click the link below.

Here We Go Again!

Another school shooting. The words I attributed to the governor of Texas were actually from the Lt. Governor’s mouth. This guy is a real winner.  Here’s a link to view those words.

How many times are we going to hear that the shooter was bullied? Those of us of a certain age were bullied, but did not shoot up the school. We had to walk through it. It was difficult, but it helped us to grow stronger.

45 has also raised his ugly  pen again and wiped out Obama’s protections for Trans prisoners. Now, their biological sex will be used to determine where they will be housed instead of their gender identity. How much more damage will this administration cause  our community?


Family Ties

This show was inspired by a story about parents who are supporting their children who happen to be LGBTQ. We within the community have all heard that God does not love us or we cannot be gay and Christian. It is so important that parents support their children who are beginning to accept who they are. Self-Acceptance is the beginning of a healthy life.
Just My Opinion is a podcast geared towards that LGBTQ community. It was created as a way to reassure those within the community of God’s love for them. It is hosted by Spiritual Studd and M.T. and has grown to include discussions about many other controversial topics.
Survey for Kansas City residents…6QXkcHtU2tVLA&s=1


Safe or Safer Spaces


Thanks for joining us this week. We discuss safe spaces and what actually constitutes one. Life can be difficult for those of us in any “minority” group. During this time, we are facing increasing violence and hatred. There are people who feel free to let the hatred fly.

So, of course, we seek safe spaces. Places where we can be ourselves are sometimes few, depending upon where you live. The question that some find themselves asking is, “Are there really any safe spaces?”

By now, many of you may have heard about the middle school teacher who is also a white nationalist. If you have not, she is the topic of the Shock Report. The link to the story is posted below.

As always, thank you for listening. We love and appreciate each of you!

Light & Love…SS & MT

Time to be Real

Hey Fam,

It’s that time again! We are so happy to deliver a new episode. The news gods have been good to us. The “Shock Report” has become one of our favorite parts of the show. We are making every attempt to improve the show in it’s entertainment value as well as spiritual and newsworthy stories.

In this show we discuss Pennsylvania pastor George Gregory, who was caught in the back seat with a nude man bound with rope sitting in the front seat. How many times has this same story played out? When will you learn?

There is a 12 year old trans gender fluid athlete that has been kicked off of the boy’s football and basketball teams. This kid is the best athlete on the teams and has been told that the only teams that he/she can play on are coed or girls. The link to the story is posted at the bottom.

Of course, there are other stories and its our pleasure to offer our opinions. Thank you all for continuing to listen. If you enjoy them, please like our Facebook page. If you watch the videos, please like them as well.

Light and Love…SS & M.T.





The “45” Problem

Hey Fam,

We are so glad to be back! It has been a long time. We took a holiday break which became longer due to illness. So let’s get to it.

This week’s episode contains another Shock Report. We discuss a 15 year old’s statement that Jay-Z doesn’t speak for all black people. Well, we agree on that point. However, there are some points that this young man just did not get.

We also discuss the violence that is being directed towards those in the LGBTQ community. Unfortunately, most of these are still not called what they are…hate crimes.

The final story is a poll that was taken by M.T. regarding the reasons people have left the church. For those who listen to the show, there is a point when we are holding up signs. There is silence during that time but it has been edited out. If you wish to see what the signs say, please go to the Just My Opinion Facebook page or YouTube channel to view it. The video will be up later tonight.

As always, thank you for taking time out of your day to listen. You are appreciated!

Light & Love…SS & MT





Cosmic Justice


First, let me say how thankful we are that you are still here! We appreciate our listeners more than you know.

Now, this episode has two major points. First, Dan Savage was asked a question by a listener: “Why won’t gay guys date me?” The answer lies in his statement. He is FTM without the surgery or hormones. So, he still presents as female and sometimes wears feminine clothing. So I ask: By this description, would a gay man date this person? My answer is no. MT tried to figure it out. This is quite the dilemma.

Second, has anyone heard of Wes Goodman? He called himself the conscience of the conservative movement. He was anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ, and a proponent of “natural marriage.” Well, what he was caught doing would be in his own words, “unnatural.” He was observed having sex with a man in his office.

Fam, why do they do it? Why must they put themselves in these positions, only to hurt people and be hurt? Well, another one bites the dust. If you want to read the article, the link is below.

We end with passengers boarding the A-Train.

Thank you again for listening.

Love and Light…SS & MT